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Coaching creative 'sassy' girls on how to #LevelUp, by developing or reinventing their identities, and manifesting their personal wins!


BADDGirlRe [BADD-Girl-Ree, colloquial term for BADDGirlRe-invention] is a creativity personal development initiative that was started to inspire and encourage sassy [self-proclaimed 'bad' girls], girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, to recognise their self-worth. It also aims to raise their awareness regarding self-destructive messages in mainstream media and pop-culture that is targeted towards them [the young and impressionable] – through a modern and relatable approach.


Christie is the creator of BADDGirlRe's Creative Growth Box, a box filled with creative and substance-building [personal development] activities for young girls [click here to request information and box contents]. 

Christie champions all girls but has a soft spot for creative talented girls who are naturally into their outer appearance, talk back, wear their emotions on their sleeve and may be perceived as 'problematic'. Yes, many people may be put off or intimidated by such personalities [perhaps due to the stereotypical mainstream media portrayal of such girls], but not her!

Why, you ask? Because she knows that there is more to their story, layers to their personality, and a power of its own behind any perceived 'attitude'. 

Christie believes that many of these girls tend to be misunderstood. They are actually individualists in every sense of the word — marching to the beat of their own drum, unafraid of speaking up, standing up for what they believe in, or even standing alone: they possess the makeup of leaders beneath it all.

It is this that makes her want to ensure that these girls see that they are not write-offs, but instead, potential movers and shakers. She wants these girls to understand the influence of their environment, and with a little bit of polishing, see their own individual power and influence. Then, go out into the world and do potentially amazing things to bring about positive change by bestowing this power upon others.


Christie always says, "if you're gonna be a 'bad girl', be BADD with two D's, and with #BeautyBrains&Substance."   


Read more about Christie, here.


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7 Days of Reinvention: learn what it takes to be ‘pop-culture conscious’ & start your #LevelUp journey to strategize your personal wins.

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